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Kiloriti wilderness Camps is a season luxury tented camp in the Serengeti National Park in the north of Tanzania, strategically located to cover the vast Serengeti Plains. The camp offers comfortable accommodation and a unique opportunity to enjoy a real safari camp experience.

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Environment Conscious

Kiloriti Wilderness Camps will have a way to properly dispose of your trash, our camp staff will show you where to drop your trush. Select your gear and plan your trip by thinking about how it will impact the environment and also how it may affect others as well.

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P. O. Box 10756, ARUSHA, TANZANIA Plot # 875 Block A - Olosiva, Olorien 23210 Arusha, Tanzania TEL: +255-739-971775 CELL: +255-784-510422 E-MAIL: info@kiloritiwildernesscamps.com kiloritiwildernesscamps@gmail.com

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Kiloriti Wilderness Camps Our View:

Kiloriti Wilderness Camps are extremely well run and each tent has beautiful design, with total comfort in mind.  This is still bush camping (proper showers, proper flushing toilet and this is a season camping at its very finest.  And the extras don’t stop here….with each tent being allocated a private sport.
The camps while moving around we set on a beautiful locations throughout the Serengeti National Park for best access to the migration; even covering the June period out in the west of Seronera, the area offer an early morning game drives.  It is pricey, but when you’re there you can really see where the money has gone!
Kiloriti Wilderness Camps is comfortable and luxuries camp and deserves a well earned paws. It has all the luxuries season safari camp could ask for.