Your safety is our prime priority. At the camp we have well trained staff to handle any emergency case whenever it  happens at any given time. We are members of AMREF Flying Doctors who provide emergency medical evacuation flights to our clients if needed. However we strongly recommend to our clients to check their health status and carry with them prescribed drugs  prior to  their arrival in  Tanzania.  Finally  we  totally discourage  our clients  to come out of the tents at midnight taking pictures of the animals or do other activities   as this can be  dangerous.


We all have to do our part to protect the outdoors from overuse and abuse. Kiloriti Wilderness Camps will have a way to properly dispose of your trash, our staffs will show you where to drop your trash. Select your gear and plan your trip by thinking about how it will impact the environment and also how it may affect others as well. Leave the place you're visiting and camping in a natural condition. Do not feed the animals! You will create a nuisance because the animal will develop a taste for human food, associate humans with food, and then raid our campsites to steal our food.

At Kiloriti Wilderness Camps most visitors are surprised by the quality and the variety of the food available at our camp. No matter whether you are staying long or short time at our luxury safari tented camp, you will be served freshly prepared food according to international tastes and standards. Water can be purchased separately at our small bar, at our camps water drinks is not included and if you order it cost extra money and it served by our staffs at camp. Non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks such as house wines and beers can be purchase at our camp and often is available. All meals and snacks is inclusive and served at our dinning tent.

All our tents are custom made walk in tents using heavy duty canvas ensure a spacious ‘room’ complete with attached bathrooms and showers. . Tents are tastefully appointed with twin or double beds and double twin beds, crisp linen, warm blankets and bed-sheets, make your tent a true ‘home away from home’ with feeling of wilderness. Lighting is provided by solar power and your bathroom comes complete with a showers – a new, and often surprising, interpretation of ‘camping. Hot water is available throughout the day and evening. Morning tea or in fact your every need will be arranged by our staff allowing for a refreshing wash, shower or maybe a shave compartment inside the tent. The spacious veranda in front of your room is furnished with comfortable safari chairs – the perfect retreat for a relaxing moment watching birds nearby